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Story Behind the Shot – “Night on the Fjord”

“Night on the Fjord” – Southern Greenland Sometimes you arrive at a location with a preconceived idea of what you want to shoot. One of the main reasons I went to Greenland was to shoot […]


Story Behind the Shot – “A Brief Appearance”

“A Brief Appearance” – Southern Greenland Shortly after taking “First Glimpse,” the giant peak Ulamertorsuaq disappeared behind the clouds once again. The wind was steady and blowing from the southwest, so we decided there could […]


Story Behind the Shot – “Fleeting Moments”

“Fleeting Moments” – Southern Greenland, 2017 On the last day of our trip to Greenland, we woke up to the sounds of the fjord; gulls swirling overhead, waves lapping the rocky shore and the just […]


Story Behind the Shot – “First Glimpse”

“First Glimpse” – Ulamertorsuaq Peak, Greenland, 2017 After a long boat ride into the incredible Tasermiut fjord, we arrived at our base camp for the night. We hiked up from the fjord to a grassy […]


Story Behind the Shot – “Life”

“Life” – Southern Greenland, 2017 In August I spent 2.5 weeks backpacking through southern Greenland with an amazing group of guys. Max Rive, Lucas Cometto, Brian Love, David Koster and Steve Michel made the trip […]