Story Behind the Shot – “First Glimpse”

“First Glimpse” – Ulamertorsuaq Peak, Greenland, 2017

Ulamertorsuaq mountain rises above the Tasermiut fjord in southern Greenland as the clouds part.

After a long boat ride into the incredible Tasermiut fjord, we arrived at our base camp for the night. We hiked up from the fjord to a grassy plateau and setup our tents and surveyed our surroundings. Peaks, in every direction, for as far as you could see. Except the peak that we were hunting that night was entirely shrouded in thick cloud cover, without even its base visible. Ulamertorsuaq is a 6,096′ tall mountain with one of the most impressive vertical granite walls in the world on its west face. We decided to hike up to a ridge for views of the fjord for sunset, with hopes that the giant Ulamertorsuaq would also make an appearance. As we were navigating through bushes and boulders, we paused for a short break. Just then, the wind shifted and Ulamertorsuaq’s giant walls emerged right in front of us. What a show! I quickly began shooting with my tele lens and shot perhaps 50 frames. This is the only one that showed off the enormity of the wall with clouds perfectly framing the scene, and it only lasted a few minutes. The clouds filled back in, and once again the wall was hidden. It’s moments like that that make adventure and photography so rewarding.

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