Story Behind the Shot – “FireWater”

“Firewater” – Iceland

An aerial view of an amazing river delta in Iceland with a multitude of colors.

The Icelandic landscape is undoubtedly one of the most unique and diverse in the world. From the air, it takes on an entirely different level of beauty. This is the view of a river delta from about 1,500′ up. One of the strangest and most abstract natural views I have ever seen.

On my way home from Greenland, I met up with Daníel Pétursson @danielpeturs for an amazing 3 hour flight along the southeast coast and into the highlands. I have only shot from a helicopter once, so shooting from the little Cessna plane took a while to get used to. The timing, shutter speed, how far you can stick your lens out before the wind is too much are all factors to consider when trying to snag sharp shots. Big thanks to Daníel and Haraldur Diego @volcanopilot for making it possible; two amazing pilots and cool dudes!


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    Nice photo!!

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