Story Behind the Shot – “A Brief Appearance”

“A Brief Appearance” – Southern Greenland

A gigantic peak named Ulamertorsuaq rises above a glacial river in southern Greenland during twilight.

Shortly after taking “First Glimpse,” the giant peak Ulamertorsuaq disappeared behind the clouds once again. The wind was steady and blowing from the southwest, so we decided there could be more breaks in the clouds later on. We hiked back to a nearby river and I decided to explore the waterfalls closest to the fjord. If you have been following my work, you probably know I have a thing for waterfalls.  I scouted maybe 15 different comps, and only caught brief glimpses of the peak. I thought we would be out of luck for another break in the clouds, so I sat down and watched the fjord and river as darkness approached. I turned back and noticed the clouds parting, so I quickly took off my shoes and waded to the comp you see here. I really liked how the low clouds wrapped around the peak, and the peak caught the last bit of glow from the sky.

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