Max Foster, Travel and Landscape Photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Max Foster PortraitMy interest in photography began long before I ever picked up a camera. As a kid, I remember reading National Geographic magazines and dreaming of seeing the places featured. The photographs transported me to these locations and brought the stories to life. Later in life, I had my first opportunity to travel abroad. I took photos of everything, and in my mind each one was going to be amazing! Upon arriving home, I discovered that the photos were blurry, noisy, lacking detail and otherwise uninteresting. This was the catalyst to my photographic journey. I never again wanted to come home from my travels to be let down by lackluster photos. With that in mind, I dedicated countless hours to researching and learning photography.

Today, I often travel with the sole purpose of exploring and putting my own photographic touch on these places. I enjoy traveling to both popular destinations, and those off the beaten path. I shoot primarily landscapes, cityscapes and the details in between.

Traveling with a camera has allowed me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings. Whether I am searching for a hidden waterfall or simply walking through a city park, I often stop to take it all in. Rather than using photography as a means to an end, I see it as a way to fully experience a place. With that mindset, I think it is possible to create compelling imagery that others can connect with. If my photos can remind someone of a fond memory or inspire them to visit a new place, my work has been successful.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hello! For my newest work, please visit my Recent Image Gallery or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or 500px!

I am also the co-founder of Our World In Focus. We specialize in free and premium photo contests for all skill levels and genres. More information can be found on our website.